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The National Paideia Center is a source of information, inspiration, and training for those who are dedicated to life-long learning.

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Phone: (828) 575-5592
Address: The National Paideia Center, 29½ Page Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Meet Paideia Staff

Our core staff, Terry Roberts and Laura Billings, work with a network of educators to support Paideia work around the United States and in select schools abroad.

Dr. Terry Roberts, Director

Dr. Terry Roberts is a former high school English teacher. He is practicing scholar of American Literature and Cultural Studies, with a strong penchant for the classics. He is fascinated by the social and intellectual power of dialogue to teach and to inspire. Terry is the lead author of several Paideia publications including The Power of Paideia Schools, The Paideia Classroom, and Teaching Thinking through Dialogue.

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Dr. Laura Billings, Associate Director

Dr. Billings is a former secondary teacher from Jacksonville, Florida. Laura’s dissertation research focused on the socio-linguistic aspects of dialogue, specifically how students engage in dialogue in relation to teacher questioning. Laura is passionate about holistic, formative assessment practices and community building.

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