Paideia Board and Staff

National Paideia Center Board of Directors

We are grateful for the leadership of the individuals who serve on our Board of Directors:

Dr. Joe Milner, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Dr. George Wood, Federal Hocking, Ohio School District, Amesville, Ohio
Ellen Carr, Asheville, North Carolina
Dr. Ann Pihlgren, Norrtalje, Sweden
Jan Leight, Long Beach, California
Elizabeth City, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mike Smith, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

National Faculty Members serving on our Board of Directors:

Kelly Foster, Tacoma, Washington
Jennifer Mangrum, Greensboro, North Carolina

Meet Paideia Staff

Our core staff, Terry Roberts and Jeremy Spielman, work with a network of educators to support Paideia work around the United States and in select schools abroad.

Dr. Terry Roberts, Director

Dr. Terry Roberts is a former high school English teacher. He is practicing scholar of American Literature and Cultural Studies, with a strong penchant for the classics. He is fascinated by the social and intellectual power of dialogue to teach and to inspire. Terry is the lead author of several Paideia publications including The Power of Paideia Schools, The Paideia Classroom, and Teaching Thinking through Dialogue.

You can email Terry at [email protected].





Jeremy Spielman, Assistant Director

Jeremy is an experienced teacher, principal, system administrator, and school-transformation agent. In addition, his educational philosophy is founded on asking questions rather than forcing answers, and on building consensus rather driving an agenda. One of the reasons that we are most excited about Jeremy’s new role is that he will be leading a stream of social media community building, a job for which he is both philosophically and technically adept.

You can email Jeremy at [email protected]