What Educators Are Saying

Photo---Amy-BurkePaideia is a more kid-friendly way to learn. Students don’t just sit there absorbing information; they learn how to be learners. Paideia teaches creative thinking.”
– Amy Burke, teacher


Photo---Sally-ShortOur students are more open and confident, which makes them want to learn more. We have given them a voice and shown them that what they say, think, and feel is important. They put Paideia into practice into all aspects of their lives, not just academics.”
– Sally Short, teacher


“Paideia is good for all kids. It’s not a philosophy or a magnet theme that necessitates academic requirements because it’s based on the understanding that all students can learn. The reason I believe in Paideia so wholeheartedly is I’ve seen it work.”
— Steve Ball, principal

“This is what children need. It’s good for educators. It’s good for community. This is it. I’m in heaven again.”
—Don Burton, teacher

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