The Paideia Classroom

This new offering is appropriate for continuing Paideia practitioners who wish to supplement their Paideia Seminar expertise. It will be held on the campus of Charleston Charter School for Math and Science on June 13 and 14. Early bird pricing expires on March 14, 2019; register a group of 5 or more to receive an automatic additional discount of $25 per person. Registration fee includes light breakfast and coffee on Day 1 only; lunch is not included, nor is lodging.

  • June 13 - June 14

    Time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    Location: Charleston
    • $475.00 excl. Tax


The fully functional Paideia Classroom makes use of three separate but complementary "columns" of teaching and learning: didactic instruction of information, intellectual coaching of academic skills, and facilitated seminar discussion of ideas. During these two days, you will analyze all three columns and design a fully integrated instructional model so that your students experience a Paideia Classroom 100% of the time.

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