Introduction to Paideia Seminar Institute

The Introduction to Paideia Seminar Institute is appropriate for new practitioners. This is a two-day offering at WCU in Asheville, Biltmore Square Town Park, Jan 31 and Feb. 1; register 5 or more on the same form to receive an automatic additional discount of $25 per person. Registration fee includes light breakfast and coffee on Day 1 only; lunch is not included, nor is lodging. There are many restaurants within walking distance.

  • January 31 - February 01

    Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
    Location: Asheville
    • $425.00 excl. Tax


The Paideia Seminar is an integrated literacy event built around formal whole class dialogue. The purpose for doing Paideia Seminar is to support students’ ability to think conceptually and communicate collaboratively.

During these two days of professional development, teachers will participate in an adult Paideia Seminar and learn the key components for planning. We will talk about what makes a good text for seminar, how to design appropriate questions to invite students into the collaborative thinking,

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