1861 U.S. Slavery Map

Lesson Plan for High School Socratic Seminar:

This seminar focuses on a map produced by the U.S. Coast Survey in 1861 using census data and from 1860 and culminates in an argumentative, cause and effect writing.

This seminar, designed for Social Studies classes in High School grades, guides students to explore the themes of Constitution, freedom, Government, human rights, law.

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Sample Socratic Seminar Questions

Socratic Seminar questions are designed to provoke creative and critical thinking. Sample discussion questions from this lesson plan include:

  • What does this map suggest about the economy of the various regions of the South? Why?
  • Imagine for a moment you are a member of President Lincoln’s cabinet advising him on the composition of the Emancipation Proclamation. Based on this map, what advice would you give him about outlawing slavery in the various sections of the United States? Why?
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