A Compass Rose

Lesson Plan for Early Elementary Socratic Seminar:

This seminar focuses on an essential feature of a compass or map and culminates in an explanatory informational writing.

This seminar, designed for Science classes in Early Elementary grades, guides students to explore the themes of definition, measurement, Nature, science.

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Sample Socratic Seminar Questions

Socratic Seminar questions are designed to provoke creative and critical thinking. Sample discussion questions from this lesson plan include:

  • What would be another good name for the design you see on the page in front of you? Why would you call it that?
  • What do the letters NE, NW, SE, and SW represent? Why are they placed where they are on the design?
  • What would you like to create a map of? Would you add a compass rose? Why or why not?
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Lesson Plan:


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