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Lesson Plan for Middle School Socratic Seminar:

This seminar focuses on an excerpt by Petrarch and culminates in an analytical journal entry. This seminar, designed for Middle School English Language Arts classes, helps students explore the themes of Life and Death, Cause and Effect, and Interdependence.

This seminar, designed for English and Language Arts classes in Middle School grades, guides students to explore the themes of cause and effect, history, interdependence, life and death.

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Sample Socratic Seminar Questions

Socratic Seminar questions are designed to provoke creative and critical thinking. Sample discussion questions from this lesson plan include:

  • What is the mood of this text? What evidence is there as to the author’s feelings about life and death?
  • Look in paragraph 6, “Headstrong desire draws me and I am bound ever more tightly by deadly knots. That is the state I am in.” What does the author mean by this?
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