One Today

What can we do today?

Today, January 20, 2017 is an important and challenging day.  On the one hand it is all we have, the present, to make our best contribution to the planet. On the other, it is the first day in a new era of American democracy.  Take a deep breath.

As a human being and as one reading this Paideia blog, I encourage you to remember that “thoughtful, civil dialogue” is our essential tool and best chance at making this world a more respectful place to live.   Participating in discussion with those who think and feel differently from us is tough though and yet this is exactly what a Paideia School tries to teach students, beginning in early elementary grades.

What can you/ we do? Take part in conversations with your Paideia hat on to guide your thinking to have an open mind and with a Paideia lens over your eyes to help you open your heart and see the other as a human being.

Consider all of your discussions as seminar-like!  And engage in meaningful  conversations about what we have in common, as much as what our differences are.

Here’s an example: One Today 1.20.17