Paideia Faculty

Some of the faces of our Paideia Faculty

The Paideia Faculty is an international network of educators who continuously explore and develop the Paideia approach. See the current Paideia Faculty.

Paideia Faculty members inform and train their fellow educators, with a focus on using the Paideia approach to Socratic seminars to fulfill current State Standards. Paideia Faculty memberships are paid, part-time positions, usually held by educators who are actively teaching or administering schools. As lifelong learners, Paideia Faculty also read challenging texts, reflect on ideas and concepts, and engage in lively dialogue with each other.

Why apply to the Paideia Faculty?

Here are some of the reasons that educators give for participating in the Paideia Faculty:

  • I want to promote an active learning approach that works for both teachers and students.
  • I want to be part of a transformative educational program that goes beyond my own teaching.
  • I want to cultivate civil dialogue in our society.
  • I value relationships with like-minded colleagues.

Who can join the Paideia faculty?

We are looking for educators who can:

  • Demonstrate deep knowledge and genuine commitment to Paideia methods of instruction.
  • Participate in lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Collaborate with professionals in a wide range of school communities.
  • Emphasize the relevance of Paideia for diverse learners.
  • Appreciate the ambiguity inherent in challenging texts and ideas.

What do Paideia Faculty do?

The Paideia Faculty now offers three types of membership:

  • Paideia Faculty Candidates are bright, energetic teachers who are beginning their practice in the Paideia approach. They partner with Accomplished Faculty and Core Staff to plan, facilitate, and assess Paideia Seminar Lesson Plans.
  • Paideia Faculty possess an extensive understanding of Paideia’s classical lineage, Paideia philosophy, and application of the Paideia method in all grades and subject areas. In addition to training educators, Paideia Faculty may conduct research, write articles, and contribute to Paideia publications.
  • Paideia Coaches are identified by districts or schools and participate in an on-site Train the Trainer program. After working with Core Staff to plan, facilitate, and assess Paideia Seminar Lesson Plans, Paideia Coaches are contractually authorized to provide Paideia training.

If you are interested in joining the Paideia Faculty, please email [email protected] .