Paideia Seminar Plan Collection

Introducing the Seminar Plan Subscription Service

The National Paideia Center is implementing a new system to access our most valuable resource, our seminar plan collection. We will be moving to an affordable, subscription-based service that insures that the plans are used in concert with the essential training we provide, so that we can build supportive and long-lasting professional relationships while simultaneously bolstering the quality of implementation. Our primary goal is to ensure that educators using the seminar plans are adequately trained and understand the value of the resources they have access to.

Educators can gain access to the plans in one of two ways: by participating in an NPC training event or by being a faculty member of a school that is in a current contractual relationship with the National Paideia Center. If individuals complete a training, they receive access to the collection for one year as a part of the training cost. After that year is up–and if s/he does not teach at a school that is under contract with us–the price will be $25 per year. However, we also plan to offset this fee by offering a $25 coupon code that can be applied toward the cost of participating in another training event (which can include online webinars). School subscription costs will be based on contracts and school status year to year.

We will continue to offer a small sampling of free seminar plans that span content areas and grade levels and will occasionally feature timely or topical plans.

Our target date for implementation of this new system is mid-February of 2019. To access the collection until the transition is complete, use the link below.

Seminar Lesson Plans