Resources For Principals

As principal, you can play a transformative role. You can bring the active learning experience to one classroom at a time—or to your entire school. Outcomes include more motivated students, fewer behavioral problems, re-engaged teachers, improved test scores, and success meeting current state standards.

Paideia (18 of 49)Faculty Training
Bring Paideia training to your school and build active learning skills for multiple teachers—or your entire faculty.

Faculty Seminars
Hold a Paideia Seminar for your faculty, to provoke new ideas and reinvigorate their approach to education.

Paideia Partner Schools
Become an official Paideia School, with international recognition and support from the Paideia network.

Professional Development
Send your teachers to a Paideia training event and see the difference that active learning makes in their classrooms.

Books and Manuals
Learn about more about Paideia philosophy and its applications in the classroom.