National Paideia Center Accredited Schools

Make your school an accredited Paideia school

A Paideia School is a learning community committed to the Paideia approach, which stems from ancient Greece—a holistic education that prepares children to lead full lives as citizens in a democracy.

Becoming an accredited Paideia School offers significant benefits for your school:

  • International recognition as a leader in active learning
  • Increased engagement among teachers, parents, and students
  • Draw for parents who are choosing between a variety of school options
  • Ongoing support from Paideia’s core staff and national faculty, including face-to-face consulting
  • Marketing materials, including a Paideia School banner
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What is a Paideia school?

A Paideia School is a learning community—including faculty, parents, and students—that lives by the Paideia Principles.

Paideia Schools provide a unique approach to active learning. The ultimate goal of the school is to teach all students to think so that they may become good citizens, lead good lives, and earn a decent living.

In a Paideia School, the learning experience is consistently rooted in the Paideia Seminar and the Paideia Project, with both adults and students participating.

In an advanced Paideia School, the classroom instruction is organized as a series of Paideia Projects, incorporating the three columns of instruction and holistic assessment.

Paideia Schools have been recognized across the United States, as well as in Sweden, Chile, and the Phillippines. Paideia Schools form an international community of educators dedicated to active, lifelong learning.

Please note: Schools using the word “Paideia” in their name may not be affiliated with our National Paideia Center network of schools. Contact us if you have questions about a particular school.

How to become a Paideia partner school

The first step in becoming an accredited Paideia school is to participate in on-site faculty training. Once your school has completed three to five years of Paideia training, you are invited to apply as an accredited partner school. The National Paideia Center will support you throughout this process.

If you are interested in becoming an accredited Paideia school, please contact the National Paideia Center at [email protected] or (828) 575-5592.