On-site Faculty Training

Transform the classroom experience at your school!

Our national faculty of experienced educators can bring Paideia training to you. By holding an on-site training at your school, you get:

Paideia school student
Student in a Paideia classroom
  • Customized professional development designed for your school’s needs and goals
  • School-wide improvement, as numerous teachers—or your whole faculty—gain new skills
  • Students who are more motivated to learn because of more stimulating classroom experiences
  • Strategies for success on current state standards in reading, speaking and listening, and writing
  • Ongoing reinforcement as teachers learn from each other’s efforts and ideas
  • Continued support from Paideia trainers through individualized coaching
  • Cost savings compared to transportation, lodging, and training events for individual teachers

To arrange Paideia faculty training at your school, email The National Paideia Center at [email protected] or (828) 575-5592.

Arranging on-site professional development for teachers

The National Paideia Center has offered on-site professional development at schools across the United States for over 25 years. We offer a standard, per-day, training fee which includes preparation to address your specific needs, travel expenses, training events, and follow-up. Usually, follow-up involves sending additional resources to address specific teachers’ needs.

We are happy to talk with you about your goals and work with you to create a practical plan to bring Paideia to your school.

On-site training options for your school

Introduction to the PAIDEIA SEMINAR

This training highlights Paideia Seminar: a collaborative, intellectual dialogue about a text, facilitated with open-ended questions. In this way, K-16 teachers and students learn a formal process to strengthen critical thinking and communication skills. We recommend two days for this training, on back-to-back days or another schedule that works for you.

Paideia Units for Current State Standards

The National Paideia Center is developing lesson plans and course materials aligned with current State Standards. These include Paideia Seminar plans with extensive pre-seminar reading and post-seminar writing activities—a full literacy cycle. We offer trainings designed to support your school’s success on the state standards for reading, speaking and listening, and writing. Learn more about Paideia resources for meeting current state standards.

Want to go further? On-site training can be your first step to gaining international recognition as a Paideia partner school.