Paideia Course Manual


The Paideia Course Manual guides you all along the way in creating your best Paideia course. (188 pages, printed in color. Includes enclosed spiral binding and section tabs)

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The Paideia Course Manual Table of Contents:

Part I – Background & Relevance of Paideia & Common Core State Standards

  • Paideia and the Common Core
  • The Paideia Three Columns of Instruction
  • Close Study of Demanding Text
  • Paideia Modules of Study
  • Relevance of Paideia and the Common Core Now

Part II – Paideia Course Components

  • Definition of terms (Course, Unit, Module, Task)

Part III – Building A Paideia Course

  • Mini-tasks to Lesson Plans (Standards and Skills, Ideas and Values, Text Selection, Instructional Strategy, Assessment)
  • Building a Paideia Module (Writing Task; Module Templates; Information Sheet: What Task & Standards?, What Skills?, What Instruction?; Additional Sections of the Module: Teacher Work Section, Appendices)
  • Building a Unit with Multiple Modules (Guiding Questions, Assessment Tasks, Unit Overview)
  • Building a Complete Course with Units (Systems – Portfolio, Daybook, Social Contract; Course Skills and Systems Overview, Course Content Overview, Your Best Course)

Part IV – Appendices

  • Appendices (A. Mini-tasks, B. Sample Paideia Seminar Plan, C. Template Task Collection, D. Module Template, E. Sample Information Sheet, F. Sample Module)
  • Bibliography