Resources For Teachers

200411327-001Paideia teachers embrace lifelong learning and pass on this ideal to our students.

Paideia offer the following resources for teachers who want to grow in their profession and re-energize their classrooms with active learning techniques:

Free Seminar Lesson Plans

Choose from over 70 lesson plans for thought-provoking Socratic seminars in Arts and Language, History, Math and Science, and Philosophy and Experience. We also provide seminar tools.

Humanities Course Materials

Download a course map and detailed modules for a complete humanities course, spanning from ancient Greece to the present day. This course explores history, mythology, ethics, government, law, economics and more, using the Paideia method, with a focus on meeting Common Core State Standards.

Professional Development

Join a Paideia training event! Events are held throughout the country and include such topics as Introduction to Paideia Seminar, Hybrid Paideia Seminar (a 6-week course that combines in-person and online instruction), and a Leaders in Literacy seminar experience for educators.

Faculty Training

Bring active learning to your school by arranging for on-site professional development for teachers. Paideia’s national faculty will come to your school and provide training customized to your goals. Educators will learn to lead Paideia seminars and use Paideia methods to meet Common Core State Standards.

Books and Manuals

Choose from an assortment of publications on the Paideia approach—from the underlying philosophy to its application in the classroom.


Check out this video series, which offers a step-by-step introduction to the Paideia approach and shows the difference that active learning can make in a classroom.