Humanities Course

Download a course map and detailed lesson plans for a course in the Humanities. This course, suitable for Grades 9-10, uses the Paideia active learning approach to explore big ideas from 3,000 years of human civilization. The course is designed to fulfill Common Core State Standards in Reading, Speaking and Listening, and Writing.

We recommend using the following list of writing assignments for Paideia Courses, Units, Modules, and Seminar lesson plans: Task-Collection-2-July-20131

Ancient Greece-Reformation
Course Materials

Take a look at our Paideia_Humanities Pt1 Course Map here.

Ancient Civilization and Writing
  • Why Study Ancients Unit Overview
    • Rousseau Social Contract Module PDF Icon
    • My Graduation Speech Module PDF Icon
    • Meaning of Myth Module PDF Icon
    • Pericles Funeral Oration Module PDF Icon
    • Power of Story Module PDF Icon
    • Writing Perfect Paragraph Module PDF Icon

Myth, Story, and Law

Revolutions and Language

Explorations and Economics

Take a look at the Paideia_Humanities2 Course Map here.

Individual and Societal Change

Rights of Individual and Group

  • Balance Between Rights Unit Overview
    • Good Bad Habits Of Custom Bacon Module PDF Icon
    • Vindication of Rights of Woman Module PDF Icon
    • What is Power Devastation of Indies Module PDF Icon
    • Your Preference Mutability Perhaps World Module PDF Icon

Equity, Democracy, and War

Present and Past; Immigration and Race

For Course and Module design, feel free to use the following templates.

Module Template Argumentation

Module Template Explanatory Informational

Module Template Narrative