Introduction to the Paideia Seminar

Here are a few videos of Elementary Students in Paideia Seminar.

Introduction to Paideia Schools

Students in Paideia schools learn essential skills for life—like communication and critical thinking. Hear what students and teachers in Paideia schools have to say about this approach. Want to make your school a Paideia school?

How to teach a Socratic Seminar

The experience that distinguishes a Paideia education is the Socratic Seminar, where students learn to express their ideas and engage respectfully and creatively with other students. This four-video series offers a step by step introduction to leading a Paideia seminar. Learn how to be a great Socratic Seminar teacher.

Paideia in Action

Thousands of educators across the world are using Paideia methods in their classrooms and many whole schools have adopted the Paideia approach. This video explores Paideia in action at a school in New Zealand, with perspectives from students and educators.

Here, Paideia teachers lead seminars on stories of romantic love—Beauty and the Beast and Romeo and Juliet. The teacher asks increasingly challenging questions, as students build on each other’s ideas and refine their own.