Professional Development for Teachers

unnamedBecome a great Socratic Seminar teacher!

Paideia teachers change lives by teaching students how to think critically and creatively. The Paideia approach integrates Socratic Seminar into the Common Core curriculum, improving students’ reading, speaking and listening, and writing skills.

Paideia offers two kinds of professional development for teachers. Join a training event (see our current schedule below) or arrange on-site training at your school.


  • 2018 National Conference

    The 2018 National Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will explore the theme "How to Speak, How to Listen," espoused in Mortimer Adler's book of the same name. In this time of cultural divide and violent partisanship, we believe that these skills are now more important than ever.

    Registration fee: $600.00

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You can also contact us about upcoming opportunities: [email protected] or (828) 575-5592.

We hold training events across the United States. Options may include:

  • Workshops on how to lead Paideia Seminars
  • Seminars for adults on topics in education
  • Biannual two-day Paideia education conference

Bring a Paideia training to your school

We’ll come to you! We offer on-site professional development for teachers that is customized to your school’s goals and needs. On-site training is a cost-effective way to invest in multiple teachers—or your whole faculty. On-site training can result in school-wide improvements, re-energized teachers, newly motivated students, and increased success meeting Common Core standards. Learn more.

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